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Have peace of mind in the event of unexpected situations with cargo insurance through OEC Group. If a carrier is liable for loss and/or damage caused to the goods during transport there are clear statutory rules governing the carrier's liability for the damage to and loss of goods. Such liability may be limited or excluded which would be unsatisfactory for the customer.


Cargo insurance is a critical part of the international transportation process. Most insurance providers do not have access to logistics data and more importantly, do not understand global transportation. This makes it difficult to assess risk and make accurate recommendations. Our goal is to identify the hidden risks in transportation and to structure an insurance program addressing those risks while providing financial security.

What are the risks of no insurance?

  • Breakage
  • Wet Damages
  • General Average Claims
  • Storm or Heavy Seas
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Explosion
  • Act of War


  • Expert risk analysis for your individual business
  • Professional handling of claims in-house
  • Simple invoicing and declaration process
  • One stop shopping for your freight and insurance requirements
  • Peace of mind no matter where your cargo is
  • Low premium costs compared to the value of the goods in transit

What you should know about cargo insurance?